Off topic but have wanted to let you know... I just finished “The Moonrakers Bride” after hearing you mention it on the podcast. What a delightful story! Thank you!

It has been years since I read a novel (reading books on history and skill learning lately) Moonrakers bride did not disappoint. I read it in only a couple days.

I’d like to recommend a book for you...

“Chewing the fat. An oral history of Italian good ways from Fascism to Dolce Vita” by Karin’s Moyer-Nocchi. The premise behind the book is the author interviews all these old Italian ladies, many centurions and they recount their lives centred around food and share a recipe. Knowing your love of Italy and real food, if you haven’t read this one yet, I’m positive you’ll enjoy it! Cheers!

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What a fun feature! I left social media in 2020, but stay connected through email, YouTube and the podcast. LOVE it all! 😍 I’m so very thankful for the work that you do!!!

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I hear you on trying to locate a place without all of the social media junk! I love this so far, very fun!

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