Welcome. I’m Shaye.

I’ve been learning how to homestead in the public eye since I began blogging over 13 years ago. In that time, we’ve learned how to grow our food and prepare it in a way that does honor to the work, effort, and life that went into getting in on the table. From our small farm, we grow our vegetables and fruits, harvest our own homegrown meat, and make dairy products. The products are simple, as is the cooking, but that’s not the only goal. My gardens and farmyard, full of food, are a source of beauty and enjoyment. They’re there to inspire - to bring beauty and pleasure into the world and onto the table. We create dishes to share with our community that tell a story of the food, much of which is grown and harvested by our own hands, and celebrate the pleasure of eating well.

In the course of the last decade, I’ve published four books on cooking and homesteading: From Scratch, Welcome to the Farm, Seasons at the Farm, and Family Table. Five years ago, I started The Elliott Homestead Cooking Community where we cultivate and cook recipes each month with a group of home cooks who are looking to develop their skills in the kitchen, grow their palettes, and restore passion as an ingredient in their dishes. I’ve been creating, cooking, farming, and photographing this now for long enough to say - WOW! It sure is a beautiful, and delicious, way to live.

Why Substack?

Blogging and media have changed a lot in the last decade and it’s all a homestead, homeschooling Mama of 4 can do to keep up with it all. We have and will continue to offer a free newsletter that curates all our creations and writings from across our various channels and outlets each month, just like we have for years. However, we did want a place to invest in reader-supporter (rather than ad-supported) content for those who are interested in supporting what we do here on our farm. We couldn’t share it without the support of you all! In addition, paid-newsletter subscribers also will have access to our private community where they can comment, discuss, and interact.

For you.

Ultimately, I want this newsletter to be of great value to you. That being said, we’ll keep it very easy to subscribe and very easy to unsubscribe - just a quick link at the end of each newsletter will manage your account as needed. You’ll have control of it all.

Can’t wait to join in this new adventure with you. It’s going to be beautiful (and delicious!).


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